Welcome to the home of Cidershed Dreams. Catch up each week on the exploits of Jess, Jelani and the others as they campaign for nature-friendly farming and real food. 21-year-old Jess, an environmental science student at Bristol University, likes to think of herself as a bit of an activist. At Glastonbury in 2019 she met two boys – Jack and Jelani. Jack, another student at Bristol, has become her boyfriend. But she's never lost touch with Jelani.

Drawing on his rural Ghanaian roots, Jelani is the force of nature behind a revolutionary farming project in Somerset, complete with organic veggies, free-range hens, a micro dairy herd and cider orchard. In the face of Jack's opposition, Jess spent the 2020 lockdown living and working on the farm with Jelani. Now a year on, having nursed her parents through Covid, she's back with Jack in Bristol, trying to continue her course online. But she can't forget the farm, Jelani or his vision for a land where nature flourishes.

Cidershed Dreams is a collaboration between writer Graham Harvey, actor and writer Heloise Lowenthal, and writer/director Robin Toyne. Incidental music, which is integral to the drama and the lives of its young characters, comes from gifted musician Katherine Priddy. Cidershed Dreams is a production of Pasture Promise Television.

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Actor and writer Heloise Lowenthal is Jess

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Film maker and director Robin Toyne


Graham Harvey has been writing about food, farming and the countryside for over 50 years and written several best selling and acclaimed books including The Killing of the Countryside and The Carbon Fields. He has also written and produced several dramas and plays, most recently The Shearing Gang and No Finer Life. Graham is also well known as the long serving agricultural story editor of BBC Radio's The Archers and created many pivotal storylines in the drama.